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Corporate Supervisor
Mr. Coker Julius

Mr. Coker Julius T., is a dynamic educational consultant and a youth coach. He supervises academic, professional, paraprofessional, administrative and support personnel activities to develop, implement, and evaluate programmes and operations supporting day-to-day operations. He provides professional advice that is geared towards achieving the set goals of the school. He also directs all aspects of Palmville Schools' operations, including infrastructural leadership, programme planning and implementation, staff selection and evaluation, strategic planning, and school finance.

Mrs. Margaret Arogbo

In Palmville College, we believe that character is just as essential as quality education, which is why we inculcate in our students our fundamental values which are integrity, excellence, service, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. These are vital traits that make up a total individual.

Mrs Eyibio Rosemary Mercy

We inculcate high morals and ethics in our pupils as we prepare them for the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century and beyond. We embrace blended learning methodology using Nigerian, British curriculum. We believe that all children are very unique and special in their own way hence we promote social, intellectual, physical and emotional development.

.....Raising a generation of Godly kids.

Vice Principal Admin
Mr. Ikechukwu Okwusidi

As the Vice Principal Admin, I am committed, dedicated, and passionate about the planning and executing of the day-to-day smooth running of this citadel of learning. Anticipating immediate and future needs in a very fast-paced environment filled with children and young adults and interacting with their parents regularly to produce balanced young leaders.

Vice Principal Academics
Mr. Faranpojo Olaniyi

Quality education is the key to succeeding in this 21st century and beyond. In Palmville College, we offer an all round balanced education including the three arms of education which are Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective. I teach, guide, motivate, and inspire my students to be the best that they can be by helping them discover their areas of strength, improving their areas of weakness in study, and working with them to achieve greatness.

Examinations Officer
Mr. Seriki Oladimeji

The purpose of this role is to manage examinations procedures at the College. The process begins from submitting entries to communicating results. This crucial role also includes setting up a conducive examination room environment, ensuring students access requirements and conducting a thorough invigilation process.

Sectional Head
Mrs. Taiwo Olatoyinbo

As the Sectional Head of the Junior Secondary School, hard work and innovativeness are the qualities that drive me in moulding the students in my charge intellectually and morally. In order to achieve the above lofty goals, I am motivated to organize and ensure orderliness in both teachers' teaching and students learning environment.

Mr. Ibrahim Timothy

Science education is critical for any country's progress. That is why we take it very seriously at Palmville College. Health, nutrition, agriculture, transportation, materials, energy generation, and industrial development are all areas where science adds to the quality of life. It ensures that the air we breathe and the water we drink are both life-sustaining and not vectors of disease and decay.

HOD Arts and Commercial
Miss Godsgift Ogedegbe

In this department, our priorities are excellence in language skills, creativity, entrepreneurial development, and resource management. We equip students with pratical skills needed to meet and overcome the expected challenges of the Nigerian Economy