Extracurricular Activities

We develop not only intellectual but also physically active traits in the place of sports and extracurricular activities.

Our Principle

Every single child for us is a unique project and it's our responsibility to bring out the best in that child and secure his/her future.

Our Philosophy

Education is not only a measure of one's level of mental intelligence, but also emotional intelligence, integrity, and moral standing.

Keys to Success

We teach our children through words and exemplify the values of dedication, commitment, integrity, hard work and smart work.

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Who are We?

Palmville School is one of its kind in Gowon Estate and its environs. It is a school established with genuine love and passion to give affordable and quality education to pupils and students in the environment by Chief (Mrs) Olori Ayodele Bello Bankole, the 'Iya Ewe of Lagos State'. This has been the watchword of the proprietress/founder, and the legacy still stands even after her call to glory a year ago, as her successors have ensured. The school gives out numerous scholarship awards based on merit to deserving students yearly and encourages her staff to further develop themselves professionally. Palmville Schools have young, friendly, highly trained, and dedicated staff who love and enjoy training and developing future leaders. Palmville Schools have a very healthy population of students, which encourages socialisation and true competition. The school is also actively involved in sports and many co-curricular activities, including trade test subjects and tech application training. What are you waiting for to broaden your child's horizons and increase their chances of success now and in the future?

What they say about us

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    We believe in seizing the day and pursuing your aspirations with passion and determination. Whether taking that exam or creating something extraordinary, the power to turn your dreams into reality lies within you.

    So, wake up, dear students! Embrace the week enthusiastically, and let's embark on this journey of turning dreams into triumphs together.


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