Our Founder

Palmville Schools was established by the Late Olori Chief Mrs. Caroline Ayodele Bello Bankole (Iya Ewe of Lagos). See School Historical Timeline as follows:
- The 1970’s: Olori Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Ayodele Bello Bankole attended Nottingham University in London United Kingdom where she received her Professional Certificate in Education. She went on to St. Nicholas College of Education in England and specialized in Montessori Method of Teaching. During this time, the Montessori methodology was not yet a standard teaching method and Olori was one of the first batch of Nigerian students that attended St. Nicholas College to study Montessori teaching methods. She returned to Nigeria and founded Agalaji “egba omo wewe” Day Nursery and Boarding School at Iga Onisemo, Idumota Lagos. Her passion for education was not only in the classroom setting but she also believed that education should be accessible to all socio-economic classes in Nigeria.
- The 1980’s: Agalaji Boarding school was established in Pedro Gbagada, Lagos and was managed by her brother, the late Mr. Femi Awodipe. The primary objective of the boarding school was to provide a focused and safe learning environment. The first set of students that attended the boarding school in Pedro were graduates from the Nursery school from Agalaji Day Nursery School in which their parents entrusted their continued education to Olori.
- 1985: Following the death and tenure of her late husband (Chief Tawaliu Adisa Bello, The Onisemo of Lagos) Olori Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Ayodele Bello Bankole’s passion for education did not end there. However, she continued her pursuit of her lifelong dream to have a well-established educational facility and acquired 2 acres of land at Gowon Estate Ipaja.
- 1989: Palmville Nursery and Primary Children School was established in Gowon Estate, Ipaja Lagos.
- 1999: Following the success of Palmville Nursery and Primary Children School over the years Palmville College was subsequently established in 1999.
Olori Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Ayodele Bello Bankole strongly believed that the foundational education is instrumental in the formative years to establish lifelong learning. Her passion for education to change lives of children in Isale-Eko by providing access to superlative education was noticed by the then Oba of Lagos “Late Oba Oyekan”, and in 1984 she was honored with the Title Chieftaincy as “Iya-Ewe of Lagos” (Mother of Children). In later years, she was also awarded the title of Yeyeoba of Irolu Remo and Iya Ewe of Oke-Agbe.
Olori Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Ayodele Bello Bankole continued to be fully engaged in the school matters till her later years up till her eighties. Following her death, remarks from her teaching staff included how she continued to teach them life lessons outside of the classroom.


Mrs. Abimbola Imaduerie


Mrs. Bintu Kennedy


Following her demise in 2020, Palmville schools are now managed by her children, Mrs. Abimbola Imaduerie ((MSc Political Science (Uni. Zaria Nig.) and Entrepreneur of Asterix One Incorporation (Nig. & US) and Mrs. Bintu Kennedy (MSc. Industrial Pharmacy (Long Island Uni. NYC), Pharmaceutical Sciences Project & Portfolio Manager (NJ, US).
In continuation of their mother’s legacy, both Mrs. Abimbola Imaduerie and Mrs. Bintu Kennedy are committed to transforming the schools to greater heights by continued focus on all 5 stages of the British curriculum bundled with the skill base characteristic of the American program. They are focused on ensuring a safe learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that is conducive for learning with an exceptional staff and an all-rounded fun and welcoming educational facility geared to stimulate children’s learnings. They have immediately activated work at the school and have made the below listed updates from 2020-2021.
- Renovation of all 3 school laboratories (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) in the college.
- Renovation of the primary school playground and overall school grounds.
- Interior and Exterior painting of the entire school (Nursery, Primary and College) with educational murals to stimulate sensory learnings throughout the school grounds.
- Procurement of laptops for all teaching staff (Primary & Secondary Schools).
- Addition of teaching aids (Sensory, educational toys & Chromebook laptops/tablets) to heighten infant thru kindergarten learning experience.
- Addition of a new school bus for safe transport of students from their homes to school and vice versa.
- Addition of new security post to improve safety and to direct guest flow in & out of the school grounds.
- A complete revamping of the administrative office with heightened emphasis on organization & structure with an all year-round staff training in updated current world-class digital teaching methodologies (in-progress).
- And many more updates coming soon!!!